(Jul 12, 2021 – Hong Kong) Acqra has been awarded Asia Pacific’s Most Outstanding Payment Innovator of the Year in Corphub Asia’s 2021 HKMOL Awards.

We are selected based on our outstanding performance of the following criteria:

  • Enterprise Management and Governance
  • Financial Performance and Market Competitiveness
  • Innovation of Products and Amenities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Acqra’s Payment Compliance Gateway is a comprehensive and merchant centric payment system for e-commerce and online payments. It is designed to enable merchants to accept and offer diverse online payment methods, while managing buyer disputes and fraud with minimal technical obligations and simple integration. At the same time, merchants, banks and acquirers can be assured their online payments are secure and compliant with card scheme regulations. Payment Compliance Gateway supports Visa CyberSource, MasterCard MPGS, WeChat Pay, Alipay, JCB, UnionPay UPOP and acquirer hosts.

Acqra’s Vice President of Operations Jessica Leung added, “Started in 2015, Acqra has now set up a solid integrated payment system that can address the limitations and risks (such as fraud) in online payment. Acqra’s vision is to provide a single payment interface which makes transaction simple, faster and safer for merchants, banks and acquirers.”

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About Acqra 

Launched in 2015, Acqra is a FinTech company and Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay/WeChat Pay approved payment facilitator/acquirer, specialising in e-commerce payment services, offering comprehensive solutions and consultancy services to banks, payment service providers and online merchants. From merchant e-KYC to facilitating payment transactions, to fraud and dispute management and mitigation, Acqra’s Payment Compliance Gateway assists online merchants globally to streamline their procedures and strengthen their internal control and monitoring system to ensure minimal risk exposure, as well as to ensure regulatory compliance with card scheme standards. Acqra proudly supports Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, HSBC PayMe, Alipay and WeChat payments.

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