3-D Secure 2.0 is here

While the original 3-D Secure protocol was developed more than 15 years ago to mitigate fraud in ecommerce transactions, the acceleration of ecommerce in recent years calls for greater payment security as fraudsters also turn to digital. 3-D Secure 2.0 addresses the...

Preparing for 8-Digit BINs

The payments industry is experiencing a shortage of Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), as a result of growing digital payment innovation in recent years. BINs comprise the first six numbers of the primary account numbers (PAN), also visible as the first six digits on...

Card Testing Fraud Mitigation in 2021

Card Testing Fraud was widely reported in the recent year, affecting many online merchants’ businesses. In this report, you will learn: The mechanism of Card Testing How fraudster implement Card Testing The impact of Card Testing on your business How to identify Card...

What Is Online Payment Fraud And How To Prevent It?

Think of online payment fraud as any illegal or false transaction that can happen on the internet. Through payment fraud, cybercriminals can steal your money, sensitive information, and even at times, your personal property. Thus, it becomes imperative to take...


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